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BranteviksGruppen's business concept is to build bridges between people.

About us

The business concept is to work within and with labour market issues in Sweden and is a result and further development of the founders, Gh
ada El Kaswanis and Owe Håkanssons, more than 20 years of experience.

The concept is based on the whole and the target group is therefore large, Job seekers, Labour applicants, Public sector, Municipalities, Business and others.

The job seeker o the needy is in focus.

We often work in projects that are funded through tax funds, which makes demands and follow-up on our work extra significant.

This also places great demands on us o our partners and we have therefore chosen to start from the established state values. It consists of six principles that describe which professional values should characterize all employees. It summarizes the fundamental values of Swedish society and is expressed in our constitutions and laws.

Six basic principles


As a partner of authority, you work on the citizens' mission and make sure that the decisions made by the Riksdag and the government become a reality. You will behave in a way that helps build and preserve trust in the authorities and the state.


You know and follow the laws and rules that apply. The principle of legality means that the activities carried out by the authorities are legally safe. 


Everyone must be able to trust that you who are partners in authority act objectively and impartially. You must therefore pay attention to the conflicts of interest that may arise. This means, among other things, that you report bisysslor and devil to the employer and that of course you do not act corruptly. 

Free opinion formation

Openness is a fundamental principle of democracy. Freedom of expression, freedom of expression and publicity apply. In the state, there is also a ban on research and retaliation that means that the employer is not allowed to find out sources or whistleblowers or to punish those who have spoken out critically in the media.


You treat all people equally and with respect. This means that you do not thumb up on human rights or discriminate against anyone on the basis of, for example, gender, age, ethnicity or disability.

Efficiency and service

In your work, you should reconcile efficiency with service and accessibility. You inform, guide and give advice in a simple and understandable way and as quickly as possible. You also perform your tasks effectively and manage with the resources.

The basis of values must be fleshed out and discussed

The state values are formulated at an overall level. That is why it is important that we who work on it flesh out what the principles mean to us so that we as employees are given guidance on how to act.

The different principles also often conflict with each other. What should we choose, legal certainty or efficiency? What can and should we, as performers, speak publicly? This kind of conflict must be solved by each of us in everyday life. 

Dilemma training, is a way to develop the ability to manage difficult situations and to build a good business culture, which we continuously train on.

BranteviksGruppen AB is a privately owned social enterprise where profits are reinvested in the business.