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BranteviksGruppen AB is building for the future!

Who are we?

BranteviksGruppen AB is building for the fu
ture! Since the 1990s, our management o parts of our staff have worked very successfully as organisational and project builders and complementary actors to the Employment Service and municipalities in labour market issues with extensive knowledge of helping people to their own supply, studies or other integration in Swedish society.
We develop and build our business through a large network and an open view of diversity, democracy and digital aids.

We currently have offices around Sweden, headquartered in Malmö. In order to increase our expertise, we have also chosen to hire local subcontractors and partners spread across the country.

Our philosophy – commitment and humility

With knowledge and understanding of the needs of the end user, we in BranteviksGruppen AB want to deliver high-quality services/ development projects that help to increase quality of life in our participants/customers, as well as the productivity and profitability of our partners. 

We believe in a trusting relationship with our customers and an early consensus and entry into the projects. By being responsive and finding creative solutions, we have built a strong brand, leading to renewed confidence from our customers. A trust that we face with commitment and humility.

A safe partner

For us, order and order is important to have all levels of the company. A project is a major commitment on both the customer and our part. The goal is common – an end product that both parties should be satisfied with and proud of. To get there, we have a well developed management system to quality assurance our work from planning and design until the end of the cooperation. We also have careful procedures for the entire financial management, which creates security for all involved. 

We believe in collaboration and transparency between customer and performers. That is why we are advocating a business model based on confidence and that we are already present at an early stage in the projects. It is a way of working that we ourselves have long and positive experience of and that creates synergies for all parties involved.

Sustainable construction

We take our mission as a community builder very seriously and want to contribute in our field of activity to a more sustainable society. We currently have extensive experience in building organizations according to the most common certification systems on the Swedish market. Since the mid-1990s, our management has been focused on developing quality and environmental work. Today we have a proprietary management system with detailed routines and driving schedules in quality, and working environment. We are constantly trying to improve our internal quality work. We are sensitive to changes in society and our decisions are tages in the democratic spirit of our staff o cooperation partners.

We have many years of experience, diversity and knowledge of helping people to self-livelihood, study or other integration into Swedish society.